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Our team possesses vast experience and knowledge of both Residential & Commercial New build / Cut & Carve projects.


Our development team typically guides our clients through their project from initial concept briefing to handing over the keys upon completion, taking care of all surveys, permits, planning and works required to complete the project properly.


We often collaborate with Architects, Councils, Heritage teams, and Environmental agencies to ensure that our developments are carried out safely and in consideration of Environmental & Social impacts.


All our projects are cared for by a full-time, fully trained, and well-seasoned site manager and project manager team, supported by our fantastic supply chain partners and specialist contracts who are all fully vetted by Thornwood. Our project management team is responsible for the day to day running of the site along with protection of the client's budget, programme, and overall quality of the build. Our clients can expect weekly progress reports from sites covering budget, progress, and Health & Safety.

For more information on how we can assist you with your Bespoke Joinery, Fit-Out, or Design & Build projects, please get in touch.

Upon completion, our project management team is responsible for the full handover of the project where clients can expect to have a full walkthrough of the build with demonstrations / training on our newly installed systems such as boilers, fire alarms, A.V etc. This handover is finalised with a project itinerary detailing all warranties, drawings, materials, suppliers, and fixings allowing the client to have full access to the project details if they should ever need them.



This turnkey approach to our projects is what has enabled our reputation and company to grow so positively and consistently. We cover every single angle of the process allowing our clients to relax and soak up what should be a very enjoyable experience.

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