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Location: Haringey, North London

Programme: 6 Weeks

Description: Design & Build Science Lab

Size: 450sqft


Thornwood delivered this slick design & build forensic science lab for our long-term client, Haringey Sixth Form College. 

The existing space was a dull, underused staffroom which had the potential to be so much more. Our design team met with the client to develop a concept space that would be home to the college's newly found forensics programme. 

Combinations of subtle college-braded tones and heavy-duty and hard-wearing finishes produced and end result which is fit for purpose as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Carried out of the 6-week summer term, the programme was tight and required precise coordination to meet the handover date. 

The faculty, pupils and board of trustees were delighted with their new space and are considering applying our design to the remainder of their science labs as part of their regeneration stratergy.

''We chose Thornwood because we had used Thornwood before when we had our lecture theatre built. Thornwood won that tender and they did the work for us which went very, very well and we were very, very pleased.

We put this project out to tender, obviously based on price but as much based on quality and style and Thornwood's was by far the most popular, and then it was a case of trying to meet the deadlines that we had.

We needed it done for when the students came back for the next academic year and so it was a very tight timeframe, but Thornwood cam through and did it on time and on budget which is exactly what we needed. Obiously being an education establishment, "On Budget" is quite key for us! 

Overall the students and staff are very very pleased with it"



John Mansfield - Director of Campus and Estates - Haringey Sixth Form College

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