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P.A.S.S Pavilion

Location: Haringey, London

Programme: 7 Months

Description: Design & Build

Size: 4500sqft


Thornwood was approached in the spring of 2022 to tender for the turnkey delivery of a new Parent and Student Services (PASS) facility for the college. 
Our team got straight to work and conjured up an inspiring concept which enhanced the biodiversity of the existing neglected wildlife area to which it was destined to become home. Our idea was to construct a sustainably built and operated building which was tranquil and relaxed, yet a profound and inspiring place to learn.

Once awarded, we collaborated with the client's estate team, council planners and our trusted consultants to get swift planning approval, pre-construction and commencement in under 5 months.
The build commenced in February and was completed in September 2023 meaning that the pavilion was delivered in perfect time for the new term start, A key deliverable for the project.

Taking this development from conception, through to planning, construction and delivery in under 14 months has been a challenging yet utterly rewarding experience for us. 
We blended natural Scottish larch with a biodiverse green roof which gives a bohemian attitude to the pavilion, whilst complying with the planner's requirements for a Net Zero CO2 building. 
Being 100% carbon-neutral meant that all the thinking was "outside the box". To really grasp this concept, we spent numerous hours of collective R&D to ensure that the scheme met this important target.

We were thrilled to receive the final EPC certificate this week rating the Pavilion A+ #NetZeroCO2.
We are proud to receive two awards in the international property awards. This is a testament to the hard work of our team and the brilliant results we yield for our clients. 

'This is the fourth project that Thornwood has undertaken for the college and it is by far the most ambitious. We are delighted with the finished building and how well it sits within the college environment. 

John Mansfield - Director of Campus & Estates

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