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Location: Haringey, London

Programme: 8 Months

Completion: Sept 2023 

Description: Design & Build

Size: 4500sqft


Thornwood delivered this beautiful state-of-the-art Pass Pavilion for Haringey Sixth Form College.


This project was ambitious from the start. With significant time constraints and pressures, we created a programme and ensured there were no delays ready to hand over for the start of term. We proposed two options to the client, a premium and an economical option to cater to the client's budget. Not only that we also provided examples of how to upgrade the packages over the years to come. This particular project showcased our abilities to not only build but also design.

Thornwood were focused at all times on delivering a stunning resource to enhance the college’s positive outcomes for learners.

I was impressed with the company in many ways but especially their knowledge, commitment, and dedication to this project. In line with our values Thornwood at all times aimed for excellence in everything they did.

Russell B Lawrance - Principal & CEO

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