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Location: Hackney, London

Programme: 6 Weeks

Description: Full refurbishment

Size: 2000sqft


The Cafe area of St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney is not only a vital source of income for the charity but it is also a place in which patients and their families can retreat to and step outside the usual settings of their dorms and reclaim a sense of normality in a social environment.


That being said, the existing area was dull, unwelcoming and really needed a makeover and that is where we came in. Donating much of our services, We worked closely with Julian Church Associates Ltd to deliver on a scheme designed by Tommy Cairns of Three % Design which would see a complete overhaul of the existing cafe area leaving it feeling modernised and inviting.


Bespoke joinery wall cladding coupled with spacious kitchen cabinetry and worktops in the hospice branded colours is beautifully complemented with various sets of aesthetic lighting.


The project was delivered within a live hospice environment and required extreme focus and planning to ensure there was no disruption to the hospice's service and patients. Overall, the client is absolutely delighted with the end results which means we are too.

'We engaged and united with Thornwood to deliver a 'gifted' installation to St Josephs Hospice- they empowered and utilised their supply chain well to deliver on a much reduced cost yet great service approach to the refitting of the reception cafe area. Would recommend'

Julian Church- Owner of Julian Church Associates Ltd

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