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Location: South Wooford, London

Programme: 52 Weeks

Description: New Build Flats


Sometimes it’s simply a case of out with the old and in with the new - and that’s exactly what we were called to do with the Victoria Road project.


What once was a dilapidated upholstery shop situated on the corner of a road in South Woodford, was to become a modern block of 2 flats with an en-suite loft conversion - much more current and befitting of the area. And, despite landing this project during the pandemic when the industry faced unwelcome labour and material issues, we were able to make this vision a reality with minimal disruption.


For this project, we partnered with a developer and local architect to demolish a pre-existing upholstery shop and assist with their vision of creating 2 new homes that not only met regulatory requirements but also captured the spirit and energy of this little pocket of London.


We knew this was indeed a statement building, given its prominence on the street. We were able to supply materials, insight and of course our expert craftsmanship to tie together this development's modern character and London charm. For the exterior, we used a blend of reclaimed London yellow bricks and Corten steel cladding complimented by Siberian larch panelling to bring a quality yet contemporary feel to the new build.


Within the properties, we fitted out a range of stylish fittings deserving of the space, including open-plan kitchens, en suite bathrooms, and stunning window fittings to fill the space with all-important natural light (which can be so hard to come by in many London flats). Alongside this, and with our commitment to making the units we work on as economical and energy-efficient as possible, we also installed PV solar panels and used efficient UFH and insulating techniques - meaning this development achieved its U-Values and EPC ratings as set out by the local authorities and building control.


This new build construction project was one we thoroughly enjoyed getting our hands on and our teeth into. Our ability to combine our expertise, reliability and artistry made this job a true work of passion and one that we and our partners are proud to have worked on to its completion.

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