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Location: Wembley, London

Programme: 12 Weeks

Description: Full refurbishment

Size: 2000sqft


Working alongside the client we provided beautiful bespoke joinery pieces to a new trendy university hall of residence. From the bookcase to the partitions, the media units, and the seating area itself, we bought the client's design to life and created a safe, quirky space that will be used by many in years to come. 


Using birch faced plywood, this was not only following the Scandinavian theme of halls, but it is also a sustainable material which we thought is ideal for university students. 


Not only have we had amazing feedback from the client, but the students are quick to 
tell us how much they love their hangout room.

I really enjoyed manufacturing the joinery pieces fro Wembley, especially because I liked working with the material we don't often get to use. I had to work out the new ways to cut and ensure they were able to be oiled and be left with that perfect finish.

Challenging but very rewarding

William Parish - Joiner

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